Friday, May 2, 2014

The aftermath

If Monday was any indication, the rest of the month is going to be very long for my girls.
Okay. So a boy who isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer brings his parents AK-47, two Glock pistols and a knife to school. The parents and authorities catch him before he can start a killing spree. Police dogs search the school and came up with no traces of ammunition or weapons. There is a continued presence of police officers in case things get out of hand. The FBI is even getting in on the act because of the false threats being posted to Facebook and twitter.
Rumors are running rampant that there was another threat made today. Weather it's serious or not, the authorities have to respond to each and every e-mail, text and tweet.
While I applaud them for stepping up and taking the safety of the students seriously, forbidding backpacks unless they are clear and or mesh seems a bit much. I think that went over the line. What next, Metal detectors?
One of the few good things that is being done is the increased presence of police. This is what is called threat deterrent.
The visibility is a message to would be troublemakers not to pull any crap. They are not terrorists. They are not jihadists on an agenda, let alone anything resembling a plan.
They are simply young adults. Bored, angry, not thinking ahead.
So this is the path I see the authorities taking.
Be calm and patient. Secure the area and perimeter of the school. Communicate with the parents to keep the family's firearms out of reach. Most of all... let cooler heads prevail.

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