Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I consider myself a better carpenter than a mechanic. On the same note; I'm a better mechanic than an electrician. Before we start assigning  numerical values to my ineptitude, consider this.
I've installed ceiling fans successfully. Saturday, I changed the brake pads and rotors and I've completely overhauled the bathrooms plus too many DIY fixes than I care to remember. Oh yeah, I built some funny looking statues too.
 When I went to work Sunday, I noticed something. There's a distinctive 'clunk' when I make a sharp left turn. Now I put everything back where it's supposed to go, and things went on as tight as they could go. I'm fairly certain the wheel isn't about to come flying off. What I am going to do is consult a friend who restores cars. We can talk shop and perhaps I can get some advice on how to make this better.
Upon reading the above paragraph, I considered deleting it, but then decided to let things stand. Besides I liked the analogy. Taking things apart to put them back together again may not be the best way to spend an afternoon, but it will be the only way I'm going to learn what is making that #@#$% noise. When I told him what happened, my mechanic friend didn't have a clue as to what it could be. His exact words were, "That's not supposed to happen." No crap. Back to the drawing board...
Last week I got one of those out of the blue questions. It was about how long it takes to write a book. There's no right way to answer that. King suggests it should take no more than a year, or a season, as he put it. Realistically it varies depending on the time you have to invest in it. 'So where's your book now?' my curious friend asked.
In response I typed up the title in Amazon to show him where the paperback can be published. Another writing friend, (I want to be a writer, too.) immediately punched up the page and bought the book. Yeah! First paperback sale! Bless her heart. She got the book Sunday night and will post her review of it by Friday. What are my thoughts on this? Flattered? Amazed. Scared. This is almost a second degree of separation. We are barely co workers because we  don't work alongside each other, but I want to say we're associates. This is how it starts. She promised to post her review on Facebook, that's how it gets around: word of mouth.

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