Friday, May 23, 2014

The deal

Last night I got a tentative agreement to be hired at Amazon. The pay is a three bucks an hour less than what I'm making now, but if you take a look at my take home pay minus the liens and deductions with Lowe's (car and health insurance IRA), I'm only making 5.65 an hour. I guess it's all in how you look at it. The main problem I'm having, (besides losing about 300.00 every paycheck to liens.) is the mandatory IRA everyone had to sign up for. Three of my friends and co-workers had heart attacks, two of them fatal. I'm under no delusion that I'm going to live to see a retirement. So why not let me have that money right now, it's not like I'm getting out of here alive anyway.
Still need to iron out the details with Amazon. The shift they mentioned for me isn't a perfect fit. I'd have to cut some hours at my first job to accommodate the second, still, if I work it out I might come out ahead in this... might.
I just got the parts to fix my truck. My trolley jack sprung a leak. Looks like I'll have to borrow somebody else's jack.
Sorry for the personal revelation, but I didn't find anything blogworthy over the last couple of days.
My garden needs weeding, I need to work on my truck, there are a hundred different chores that need to be done and I have to go into work on Sunday because retail workers have no life. But I do so happily because I like to have a paycheck, small as it is, and try and keep a roof over my family's head. Universe, if you can hear me, I need some good news. Not money, although that would be put to good use, but I need something positive to come my way.
There, that's as close as I get to prayer.

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