Monday, May 12, 2014


At first I thought I'd write about the history of Mother's day. Then I read a neat article listing things other countries think are weird about the U.S. I got a chuckle out of it. Then again what I find funny is open to interpretation.
The House of Representatives voted for an increase in the NASA budget. Of course it still has to pass the Senate... Lots of stuff going on there. The Mars rover, Curiosity, is in it's TENTH year of it's 90 day mission. Like that damn energizer bunny, it keeps going...
We're about to crash, err... land a robot on a comet.
Our robotic emissaries are on route to Pluto, Jupiter (more precisely the moons). Get ready to rewrite what we think we know.
Here is an image you may or may not have seen before.
Polar Serenity
Not photoshopped
 Look at the bottom left corner of the photo. The Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn took this shot of the polar region. Notice anything unusual? If you said that hexagonal shape, you'd be right. And we have no flipping idea what it is or how it came to be.
Proof the universe is stranger than what we believe.
After a week of hair pulling and a doctor visit, we have been given the diagnoses our middle daughter has asthma. We tried a few medications to see what worked. Hopefully, it's sorted out.
Got caught up on a bit of work, a little reading, a little studying, but didn't get started on the home made soda in preparation of family coming to town. I'll put it on the to do list for tomorrow. In the meantime, the Spurs might sweep the Portland Trailblazers and advance to the finals. Get your silver and black on.

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