Friday, March 21, 2014

Yup, that happened

That didn't take long. Fred Phelps Sr. has past away. There are several things being said about him, none of them kind. I hope he finds the answers to his problems.
Bodies wear out. Organs fail. Our physical forms are hardy and fragile at the same time. That said, I believe the consciousness, the spirit, doesn't die along with the shell of meat. It becomes something else.
For a short time, I was between two realities. In one world was in agony and there were obstacles in my way in communicating with the loved ones who were nearby.
The other world was tranquil, peaceful. It was comfortable and I could go anywhere, do whatever I wanted to do. For a while I was visiting other places and eras. Even though I was with other people, I wasn't with anyone I recognized as family. Eventually I choose to stay in the place where friends and family were, despite the pain and trouble communicating. Eventually, the things that hurt became less so. I found new ways to connect with my loved ones.
That is my wish for a man who caused anguish and suffering of others. To learn, embrace diversity in all it's forms, and most of all, to grow as a person.
Looking back through the years I can see times where I was different. Literally I'm not the same person I was ten or twenty years ago... and I'm all right with that.
Every now and then I'll bump into someone I knew from years ago. When talking to them, the same phrase comes up again and again: I'm not the person I was from long ago. That's something I view as a good thing. 
Think about your own life. Are you doing the same thing you were five or ten years ago? Twenty? It may be a job or hobby, or even washing the dishes. Do you perform the same action you did back then?
Change is who we are. See it in others and see it in yourself. You'll be a better person because of it, I promise.

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