Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A higher understanding

When I read this article Sunday night, two thoughts occurred to me.
One: Karma is a bitch.
Two: I have no sympathy for this hateful man.
Fred Phelps took his bigotry, wrapped it in religious justification and fed his hate. His actions destroyed his family. Sons and daughters excommunicated from the 'church' he founded. 
Perhaps I was brought up differently. To me, love will always triumph over hate. Anger, even righteous anger, takes a lot of energy. Even more, it takes a bit of your soul.

There is a tale I heard a long time ago and since learning of Fred Phelps' ill health, I thought it appropriate.
Inside each of our hearts is two wolves. One is patient, honorable and loyal. The other is cunning, deceitful and treacherous. The two wolves are constantly fighting... battling for control.
So which wolf wins? The one you feed.

I've heard the rumors that a bunch of groups want to picket his funeral and disrupt things the way Westboro Baptist Church did for a lot of people. There's one or two things wrong with that.
For starters, Mr. Phelps will be dead. He won't care. You won't be paying him back for all the crap he's pulled. Instead, the anger and hurt will be perpetuated, and no one needs that.
Be big enough to rise above the petty prejudice and hate.
These Westburo Baptist people have already shown their ignorance and repulsive behavior. They are the laughing stock of the entire world. Perhaps Mr. Phelps realized that and had a change of heart. We don't know for sure, no one is talking. The only thing I do have is that Fred Phelps sr. was excommunicated from his own church
Ah, irony. The wolves eat their own.

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