Friday, March 14, 2014

Camping Hacks

With things so hectic around here, we sometimes have to get out of town for the weekend. I'm feeling the need to unplug for a day or two, but that doesn't mean I have to suffer for it!
Here are some neat tricks to make camping less of a chore than you think it is.
I'll add my two cents to that list.

  • Pre-cook your meat. Food poisoning is not the best way to enjoy camping. That way you simply have to reheat stuff. Jerky: don't knock it until you've tried it.
  • Plan your meals. Break them down into little baggies if you have to. That pancake suggestion in the link? Yeah, I was doing that a long time ago. Works the same way with biscuits and coffee, which is another tip they suggest.
  • In addition to the porta-john suggestion, may I suggest a shovel be in the equipment list? If you are truly going out into the wilderness, dig a small hole at least two feet deep. In ground bacteria will take care of the rest after you've refilled the hole.
  • Air mattresses are lifesavers. You'll sleep better (read: wife and kids won't complain as much.) than on the bare earth. Those soft pads are a neat idea as well.
  • I've heard stories of people getting poisoned with tin-can bread, due to the inner lining of a can. If you are going to use this tip, try it at home first.
  • A long time ago I picked up a book called Camping & Wilderness Survival, by Paul Tawrell. It's full of life saving tips and I consider it my camping bible. This book will always be with me on expeditions. Just a note: Think of it more as an encyclopedia that you refer to, even I haven't read the whole thing.
  • That gluing sandpaper to a matchbox is a good idea, sports and outdoor stores do sell camping matches that will light even when wet. I went out to inspect my camping gear and check on the exact name of the camping book, when I remembered I also had a firemaking kit. A chunk of magnesium and flint. So you can start a fire with a knife if you need to. I also know how to start a fire with steel wool, but we don't need to go into that, stick to the easy stuff.
  • Take a sturdy rope with you. There are a multitude of things you can use that for. I've made a tent, saved cars stuck in the mud, hang dried clothes, made a tarp... the list is endless, you get the idea.
  • They suggest bio degradable tape for hiking. I'd like to add a whistle to that. People can scream their head off and no one will notice. A whistle can be heard miles away.
  • Baby wet-naps. they're extremely useful. End of story.
  • I don't have the campfire panani press. When I load up, there is charcoal, my trusty Coleman grill and assorted coolers and water jugs. You will need to boil water. You will need to make coffee. I have iron skillets because I'm old school that way.
Plan your trip. Know where you're going. Be aware of your surroundings. It's a good idea to check on the weather before you head out... just saying.

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Carolyn Southworth said...

The weather check is from experience. Slipping through a flooded campsite and slicing open your knee does that. Love you honey!