Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do what you want

An interesting thing came across my computer screen via the Huffington Post: A Duke University freshman admits to being a porn star. In reading the article it seems a fraternity brother found out her secret and preceded to tell all his Greek brothers. Well, duh...
Never mind how they found out. It's not my place to judge someone else's life. This girl was smart enough to get into Duke. I saw the number 60,000 per year being thrown about while researching this post. So this girl makes an adult movie and it pays for her education. Unusual, but not novel.
I've known quite a few girls who danced at clubs while attending college during the day. Anecdotal evidence suggests this is a strategy that can pay for itself.
The double standard society places on women is hypocritical at best. I could do a whole bit on the Madonna/Whore stereotype, but y'all would tune my words out because it points to an ugly side of life. We Americans watch a lot of porn. 12 billion dollars raked in the U.S. alone. World wide it's closer to 57 billion. 
I don't have to guess, but it went down like this: the frat boys were watching a porno movie, because that is what frat boys do a lot of besides drink cheap beer. One of them said; 'Hey, that looks like that chick from my class.'
Being curious, horny and immature, one of the frat boys asks the girl if she was ever in a porn movie. Being honest about the situation, she admits it, but asks him to keep it a secret.
Ha! Frat boys keeping a secret. Who are we fooling? He blabs it to his whole fraternity hours later. Why should we be surprised?
Think what you want, but she found a way to pay for her college. In her words, she'll be nearly debt free. Now I'm not advocating this. Generally if you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to make it happen.
I had a discussion with my teen daughters about this. My oldest read the article. Her response?
"It's not what I would do, but I understand why she did it."
She went on to say, "More power to her. If she got something out of it, good for her."
Ever the pragmatic one, my middle child observed, "She should've not said anything. She should of left herself an escape route."
Hmm... plausible deniability. Even if she isn't ashamed of what she did, (she isn't) there will still be repercussions. She might get kicked out of her dream school. The hate e-mail is already pouring in. The trolls have caught her scent and are sending the bile her way. Not unexpected, mind you. I think that's cowardly: Hiding behind a computer screen while sending out some disgusting diatribe. Ye without sin cast the first stone...

So you made a movie that has gone around the internet and you're asking for privacy? That girl has an irony deficiency. Her stage name is in the article. I'm not using any of her nom de plumes because it doesn't matter in the long run. Sweetie, your 15 minutes are up. Move along...

But what does that say about us?
The 'men' who watched it are as much to blame as anyone. I'm assuming there had to be a guy in the video. Shouldn't he be held under the same microscope as the girl? Therein lies the double standard. Guys who sleep around are considered players. Girls who sleep around are considered whores. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Girls who sleep around and get paid for it are the definition of a whore. Right?

Robert Fedick said...

Why is it illegal for a person to sell their body for sex but legal for them to do the same thing on a movie screen?

Will Malone said...

'Sex for money is prostitution.' Too bad it's not that simple. There is no one answer that fits all. Where do you draw a line like that? 5? 10? 20? 0?
That whole line of thinking is wrong. If I'm with a woman and it's not her first rodeo, I'm actually relieved. I'm also mature enough to know what I like and hopefully she knows what she likes as well. I'm not sure if the campfire rule applies here, but you have to start looking at sex as a positive experience, not a shameful one.
And to Anonymous, please post your name to a comment you make. Your opinion is valued, but hiding behind a computer screen is beneath you.