Sunday, January 12, 2014

The more things change...

"Lies and rumors go around the world before the truth gets out the door." Many people have said that, from Twain on past Shakespeare, I read an article stating that early Greek philosophers were saying something similar since the dawn of recorded history.
When something comes across my desk, I do not rush to comment on it. Letting it stew for a few days gives rumor control the chance to set the truth straight. Knee jerk reactions are invariably emotional responses with little to no thought involved.
A few weeks back, a teenager was fired from a Domino's pizza for being deaf. 
The owner, Brian Rozinski, fired the teen on Nov. 22 because he had trouble hearing a customer over the phone. What got my attention was the manager said; "It's my fault because I didn't notice the hearing aids on him." He went on to say he wouldn't of hired him if he knew the boy was deaf.
This is what deaf people like myself have been fighting against for years. From my personal experience, it took me 6 years to find a job and I had to trick the hiring manager of the place that did. After being hired, I worked harder, stayed longer, never called in sick or late... basically never gave them an opening to criticize my work record. For a brief while I even became a department manager. (It took almost twice as long as opposed to a hearing person, but it happened.) Of course keeping the job was another thing entirely. After 5 years, I got tired of fighting for my job. The manager that promoted me had moved on. Even though every department I ran made money and inventory was tightly controlled, they kept looking for excuses to get rid of me. Eventually I was asked to 'voluntarily' step down or they would begin the paperwork to fire me.
I've brought this up in posts before, and for those reading this rant again, I apologize.
There is this big loophole in the Americans with Disabilities Act that every company utilizes, Specifically, the reasonable accommodation clause. In order to be a manager, I needed to be on a phone to talk to my customers. There is a phone adapter that allows me to plug into a phone and give superior customer service. I bought the first two out of my own pocket.
my company, my doctors and my audiologists were all pointing fingers at each other, 'oh no, it's not my responsibility... it's the other guy.'  
There is something I'd like to say to everyone involved in this whole shebang.
You bastards! You selfish, ignorant assholes are miserable excuses for human beings.
You followed the letter of the law, but not the spirit to which it was intended.
Now I don't like pointing out a problem unless I can offer a solution along with it, so here it is: Man up and use your alleged intelligence. That kid could still make your pizzas and do everything in the business except answer the phone. Hello, internet orders? For my part in things, I can keep track of inventory and save the company money. One week, I found over two grand worth of merchandise that was miscounted and had been billed out.
Deaf people like myself could be the biggest asset to your company, but you keep cutting your profit margin and pissing us off in the process. What's it going to be, people?

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