Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gonna be alright

Note to self: don't have Starbucks coffee after 8 PM weekdays when you have to get up for work the next day. Awake when I have to be asleep. Now I'm going to be fighting to stay awake when I need to sleep.
A few days ago, I discovered a neat thing on Astronomy picture of the day. It's a flash animation featuring the various sizes of known objects. I like the way you can click on an image and get a little factoid about the scale and size of the object in question. Zooming in and out can give you the smallest quarks to the largest galaxies. Here it is.
Think of it as a daydream for intellectuals. I pleasantly wasted a few minutes pondering the size and scale of everything from a microbe on up to a nebula.
We're not the  biggest (or smallest) life form in the universe. Contrary to what people say, I do not think the universe revolves around me.
An idea occurred to me long ago, but I was never able to fully articulate it. What if our planets and nebulae were another race's quarks and molecules? Sort of brings things into retrospective... or blows it to smithereens, you decide.

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