Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

First post of 2014 and boy does it feel good.
I finished a chapter to Crossing Paths, didn't like it. So I deleted it and started over. Most of the time I'll keep a chapter, even if I don't hate it. If it rings true and is part of the story, it stays. There is a little switch that goes off when I write something that tells me if it truly belongs. Even when I don't want the story to go certain places. The last few writing sessions I noticed there was a forcing of the story to go a certain way and the narrative sucked. The tale must unfold and be coaxed... even coerced into being.
Today a friend treated my wife and I to lunch. We went to the Magnolia Pancake Haus. (Yes, that's spelled correctly.)  
They do an astounding breakfast and lunch. Next time my folks come to town, I'm taking them there.
We had to wait almost an hour to get our seats, and I normally wouldn't mention this, but it was the way in which we waited for a table. They took our cell number and sent us a text when our table became available. This may be the new norm in the rest of the world, but it was the first time it happened to me. There are people far smarter than I, that have come up with what this is called: Technological convergence.
Our server, Wendi was courteous and prompt. The entire restaurant was noisy so I was off the air for the duration. My wife and I did our ASL and lip reading thing. No big screen televisions at this restaurant. It was all open air spacious and held a feeling of what a tea house would feel like. Price-wise I felt it was a lot of food for the money we spent. So yes, this would go in the deaf-friendly column. Good food, great service, fantastic atmosphere.
There are times when it's not about seeing which businesses cater to the deaf. It is equally important that I'm out there in public. Let them see my wife and I signing, and not hiding in the shadows. 

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