Friday, January 24, 2014


This is part of the winter we all wish we could fast forward through. Christmas is past. Family birthdays have been taken care of, for this month anyway. Memo to me: check February's list of events. Buy cards to send out.
What's going on, other than we're freezing our fannies off? 
The Rosetta spacecraft woke up from hibernation and is heading for comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Boy that's a mouthful. Can somebody find a new name for that using the letters in the names of the people who discovered it? Chury-Gera? How about simply Chuy?
The Attorney General is giving indications he wants Edward Snowden to return from Russia. The temporary asylum is almost up. Snowden wants to come home. The AG still wants to throw him in jail. Notice the link is to the Guardian, a UK publication. Every day it's harder to get unbiased news, both in TV and the paper. Personally, I think he should be granted clemency as a whistle blower. The law he's being charged with breaking is almost a century old. I think a higher up in the NSA wants Snowden buried under a large rock. Edward Snowden is not a criminal in my opinion, he's a man with a conscience. It could be said that Snowdon's moral compass led him to the present situation. Certainly not worthy of a jail sentence.

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