Tuesday, January 28, 2014


When is going too far, actually too far? Last week one of Quentin Tarantino's friends leaked a script he was thinking about making. In a fit of hissy, Tarantino stated that since it was leaked to the public, he wouldn't make a film from the screenplay, The Hateful Eight. I'd be miffed as well if someone I trusted did that. As far as that goes, he's right. I would make the same choice were I in his shoes. It was his screenplay, his work.
Today, the director filed a lawsuit alleges that the web site Gawker disseminated "Unauthorized downloadable copies of the leaked unreleased complete screenplay." and expressly refused to remove their directions to and URL links to get the infringing materials."
Now this may seem uncommon in Hollywood, but it seems to me he didn't have to make a big deal out of it. He could take the scenes and characters he liked and use them in the next screenplay he puts to paper. By all means, find out who did it and chew that person a new asshole.
If Gawker didn't take the link down like Tarantino's lawyers claim, then yes, they open themselves to lawsuits.
Let's break down the facts:
It's a gossip site. A quick scan down the page reveals eye candy and nothing actually substantial. I certainly didn't see anything that screamed, 'fact', let alone newsworthy. I don't care what age Lourdes is. (for that matter, I don't care who she is.) Tarantino could have kept this all behind the scenes and not put a spotlight on it. Less people would have found out about it.
But this brings up a point. We as a species are technologically advanced to do a lot of things, but should we? Let me put it this way: Our Intellectual development is far outpacing our moral development. 
There are people out there who will sell ill-gotten pictures of unsuspecting people changing in a dressing room. 
They do it because they have no decency. They may get a sexual kick out of it... Mostly I think they do it because it makes them feel above us normal people. The truth is they're scum.
I try and vote with my wallet. Watch the shows and visit the websites that have a socially positive aspect. I'd rather watch Mythbusters before I see an episode of Duck Dynasty. On a side note: if I was forced to watch Jersey Shore, I'd pluck my eyes out.

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