Sunday, January 26, 2014

Leading by example

It is not enough that you are the first XXXX person to be doing a job in a field, you also bear responsibility toward those who will come after you.
That phrase has been weighing on my mind lately. Seems I'm at a crossroads in life and I have a choice: keep doing what I'm doing in the hope things will get better, or strike out for new lands and an uncertain future. Tomorrow I venture forth into untested waters. I can't tell people what I'm doing, but I'll have my best friend along as navigator and moral support.
This has been ten years in the making and it has challenged nearly every belief I've held about humans.
People frighten easily. They do stupid things when scared. That's why I've held off doing what I'm about to do for so long. It's carrot and stick time. Just a short time ago, I offered the carrot. The win-win scenario. The calm and rational approach.
They didn't take the offer.
Tomorrow, the stick. Now, I've never been afraid of the stick. I felt reluctant to use it because I knew the damage it would do. But when I wield it, and I will, the full might of ten years pent up frustration will be dealt out.
Do I know what will happen? Short answer: No. But it has to happen in order for me to get on with my life.
I'm not expecting people to understand. The actions I'm taking now will hopefully improve the situation for all those who follow in my footsteps.

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