Monday, August 5, 2013

You get what you need

Two out of three daughters are back home. The 12th Doctor Who will be announced shortly. It's 99 degrees outside and 87 in the house. Fans are going and I'm thinking cool thoughts. To replace the headlight/turn signal on my truck is 150.00
Nobody will admit to causing the damage. That alone pisses me off more than the actual damage itself.
A check came in the mail for 5.15 from Verizon. Yeah, that should totally even the karma thing out.
The world doesn't owe me anything, but I've been getting more than my fair share of crappy deals. I need some good news. I need a break.
Perhaps I'm asking for too much, but I don't think so. I'm asking for something positive and enabling to come into my life. 

At first, I was going to delete the above paragraph. I had to take the time to decide if it was me complaining about life or plain whining for the sake of whining. Perhaps a little of both.
With her last paycheck from the summer job she took, my daughter wanted to take us out to dinner. While that was all well and good, the underlying reason was to get out of the sauna that the house had become. Yes, the air conditioning officially crapped out again. My family will be running around doing our things today. Jobs, Flag corps... No one will be home to suffer in the sweltering heat of day. I'll leave the dog outside with his kiddie pool of water. Between that and the shady trees he should be okay.

Authors often show only the positive side of things. We see the latest releases, the new graphic novels completed... the good stuff. Rarely is it mentioned how much of this is done on a shoestring and a prayer. Maybe we're all optimists at heart and believe that eventually things will turn out alright.
Bill collectors will always be there. Murphy's law is pretty much a universal constant. For my part, I will keep chipping away at this mountain of karmic debt. 
Wil Wheaton has an expression: Don't be a dick.
When person or entity is being a dick to me and mine, I tell them. Perhaps not using those blunt words, but I let them know they're hurting others as well as myself.
We should call this the Hippocratic oath to fellow humans. Do no harm to others.
So I owe you money? Fine, but I need to feed my family. 
Speaking of feeding the family, we couldn't agree on a place to grab a bite to eat... not at first anyway.
Eventually we found ourselves at the Tilted Kilt. I want to say it's an Americanized (read: watered down.) version of a pub. The food was okay, I've had better. Two things I couldn't decide they had more of: big screen TVs or beers on tap. From where I sat I could see about 20 screens of various sports and games. On the other side of the bar were so many taps I couldn't count them all, let alone identify half of them. Having been in actual pubs in the UK, I can honestly state this was a nice try. Yes, it fell short of what I feel an authentic pub should be, but they weren't mean spirited about it. They did try and capture the spirit of what a pub stood for. Socializing, drinking, eating, surrounded by a bit of nostalgia and history. Like I said: nice try.

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