Thursday, August 22, 2013

Everything is going to be alright

With all the tough things going on this week, I had to remind myself that things will work themselves out. My wife didn't get the teaching position at the high school, but they interviewed her for another teaching position in a middle school. When I asked her how it went, she replied "I've never felt more positive about an interview." That's perhaps the best thing I heard all day.
A long time ago, I helped a kickstarter campaign. A little selfish of me, but I've been following Phil Foglio's webcomic, Girl Genius. I wanted the latest book to go alongside the others. Occasionally I get updates that the book will be sent out by the end of August. If the fates are kind, I'll try and get the artist himself to autograph it. That would be too awesome for words.
I cut out of work a little early today. We had to sign minion #3 up for seventh grade. We're beginning to catch up on our bills. By this time next week we will have caught up on more. Stuff like this comes and goes, but hopefully this time around things will stick around just a little while longer.
School starts Monday around here. Summer is nearly spent. It's been said by others wiser than me, but the kids grow up so damn fast.
At the moment Lowe's is gearing up for the Labor day weekend. Almost right after that, practically overnight, we will be setting up for Christmas. Yes, there will be trees and stockings up in September. Doesn't that take some of the meaning out of the holiday? I've said it before, retail is where souls go to die. In a previous post I was bitching about time slipping through my fingers. Spending five years trying to accomplish a task that you wanted to only spend one year on. If I had to guess, mortality was weighing on my mind.
Is it so bad that I want to get the most out of my years? Pointing to any given problem doesn't solve them. Instead we have to make the most of what we have with what we got. In other words: Deal with it.

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