Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What was forgotten

It has been said that I'm impatient. If one person says it, that's one opinion. If several people whom I look up to point this out... Well then, it's time to look at yourself and try to figure out what made them say what they did.
Last October, I submitted Travelers Road to Harper Collins. Either I read it somewhere or I arbitrarily set the date: if I hadn't heard from Harper by January, then it's best to move on. January came and went... so I moved on. No hard feelings.
Yesterday I got an e-mail from Stephen Lapierre, an editor at Harper Collins. He very kindly thanked me for thinking of them, but felt that my book wasn't the right fit for Harper Collins. All in all, a nice rejection letter. It didn't change anything for me. Hanging on to it for 10 months tells me a lot though.
One: it wasn't dismissed right out of hand. TR must have made it to a second or third round before being eliminated.
There's no reason to feel down about that.
So my question is: how long do you wait before you move on? When your wife tells you she'll be, 'five more minutes', it will never be five more minutes. The same way the last minute of a ball game is never one minute.
There are times when I actually feel justified losing my temper. Not all the time, mind you. But when a person is being purposely belligerent.
Harper Collins wasn't being mean spirited. They were being slow as molasses in winter.
No one sets out to be stupid, but to a lot of people it comes naturally.  

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