Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today started off with me writing about my daughter nearly breaking her ankle. There's a long story in there, but she'll be fine. Her foot is a lovely shade of purple right now.
Not pictured: her embarrassment for missing school

For the last day or so, I've been volunteering at Worldcon, the Worlds annual science fiction convention. Every year it's held in a different city, which reminds me, next year it will be in London.
Hey, Matt: Start saving now  

 First off, the convention center is nearly empty. Come on, it's Thursday for crying out loud. Have you ever read a sci-fi book cover that says; 'Hugo and Nebula award winner.'? This is where they decide that.
During the day, there are panels and autograph sessions and of course merchandise to be sold. The dealers room was closed, so I didn't get pictures of that... but I will.
The first few days are the nuts and bolts of the convention. Members voting, workshops attended. Stuff that the average sci-fi fan couldn't care about. It's the PTA meeting of the geek and nerd set.
But never fear: the Labor day weekend is upon us. and this place will be packed with yours truly volunteering and gophering his heinie off.
Just to  give you an idea of what will be going on, I'll post a few pics.
Part of the Dr. Who exhibit
Next project found


This should be interesting

Rube Goldberg eat your heart out

Wouldn't want to sit there

I would want to sit there

I'll send regular updates throughout the weekend. This should be good.

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