Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is either going to be very short, or I'll continue it in the morning and post it later in the day, perhaps the later.
Work on my press kit continues. All the material is present, now I need to put it in a decent style and format. Knowing what to do is different than knowing how to do what needs to be done.
A friend came over and we brainstormed a guest list for next years con. The theme is superheroes so I sent out e-mails to performers and artists. Next week is the World con and I'll be volunteering for that in hopes of meeting some agents that will be there, hence the press kit. There are some people I want to talk to while I'm there, perhaps they would like to visit our slightly smaller con.
One of our friends had a sudden and fatal heart attack this morning. My wife and I spent the afternoon playing text message tag. Not all the details are known, but we want to be there to support our friends at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with them tonight. 
After a nights sleep things are a bit more in perspective. Funny how that happens.
My friend that passed away certainly lived a good life. I knew he didn't smoke or have any bad habits. The times we had lunch together gave me the impression he ate pretty healthy. To see him with his kids and family, he really didn't miss out on much. Things happen to good people and bad people alike. More to the point: they happen for no good reason. Which should tell us one fact: Life is too short. This precious resource is being squandered before it's too late.
When my wife and I married, our first apartment in Texas wasn't great, not by a long shot, but it was the best we could afford. The quickest way for me to make money was waiting tables. Going into that situation, you tell yourself; It's not forever... it's for now. I only wanted to do it for a year or two until things improved. Suddenly 5 years of my life goes by. So we set a goal to get out of El Paso. Slowly and surely we achieved it. Fast forward to 2004. I start at Lowe's. I'm going to do this until something better comes along. In what seems like the blink of an eye, nine years go by. My oldest is in her senior year and thinking about joining the military. A few years back I set a goal of becoming a published author I'd like to see that become a reality in the near future, before it's too late.


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