Sunday, August 11, 2013

Public relations

There's so much that I need to learn about marketing and publicity I didn't know where to start.
Two days ago it was suggested I put together a press kit for the upcoming convention.
One of my life rules: Never look surprised. Two professions come to mind where the poker face is an invaluable tool. Nursing and Bartending. People in those professions have seen it all.
The reason I bring that up is because the moment someone said those two words to me, my face mask had to come down. In the past, I'd heard those words used before. In my mind I'm thinking, 'what's a press kit?' My Google-fu did not fail me. After finding out what a press kit was and how it pertained to me, I had to decide how I was going to implement it. That was what happened today. Funny thing is, the press kit is already here. Lying around in the files of my computer. I'm going to use the recommendations and comments from the Amazon sales as well as the letters that have been written to me. Perhaps that is a legal fuzzy area, but these comments are in the public domain and the fan mail was written to me. Put another way: it's all good stuff. Looking back over it, there isn't a negative comment among them. I am truly fortunate to have such wonderful support from my friends and family.

On a completely unrelated note: my wife and daughters had a mini movie marathon today. For the most part, I stayed at the table, typing away like a madman. Full disclosure: my glasses were off, so distractions were cut to a minimum. I know they watched Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Avengers. There were moments where I did catch my girls fawning over Chris Hemsworth, the guy who plays Thor. My wife summed it up nicely; 'I love you, but he's hot.' That's okay, I'm not offended or intimidated in the least. Actually it's sorta cool they like to do that. About a week or two ago, I became aware of a video by a group who call themselves the Doubleclicks. Sorry, I don't know what they sound like or what genre you'd put them in. What impressed me was their message. More amazing was the celebrity appearances in the video. Girls are Geeks too and I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. With that in mind, check this out.


April Goodwin said...

I like that video. It's so cool that your daughters like to hang out with you and your wife!

April Goodwin said...
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