Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend madness

We're having our picnic celebration just a bit early this year. Memorial day is celebrated on Monday. Folks around here take the whole weekend to have fun.
Normally I'd work all weekend, remember: Retail is where souls go to die. Since I've been working behind the scenes, my hours have been fairly regular with weekends off. 
The neurotic part of me says the posers-that-be think they are punishing me, by banishing me to this 'harsh' schedule. Truth is, they're helping me. 
Shh... not so loud. If they knew they were actually helping me write, they'd change what they're doing.
When your opponent is making a mistake, don't correct them.
So here I am, cooking marinated chicken ka-bobs on my grill.

Life is good.
Friends are over. You know how I love cooking for large groups. I'm also thinking of sneaking off for a nap.
It's no secret I'm going bald. Big deal. My sister cuts my hair and she's quite good at it. She accuses me of doing a comb over and any sort of sibling teasing she can get away with. Yesterday she accused me of going for the insurance salesman look. Laugh it up, kiddo. 
I'm not afraid of going bald. Sean Connery. Bruce Willis. Jason Stathem. Vin Diesel. I'm in good company. If they can do it, so can I.
My sister in the mirror, laughing at me

Tin foil head daughter

Some days I'm tempted to shave it all off.
 Do you understand what I put up with? They say it's good natured ribbing and I should have a sense of humor. 'Good natured' is a relative thing. I do have a sense of humor. No one has died, disappeared, or been seriously maimed. Do you know why Texans are so polite? We haven't run out of places to put the bodies. See? I do have a sense of humor.

I got some writing done. About 3 pages yesterday. Daniel and Charlotte are in Dallas for their honeymoon. However, we all know it's not nice to taunt Murphy. Bad things are popping up. Getting through Christmas might be a true miracle for these two sleuths.
I've been taking my notebook to work with me, typing up stuff on my lunch break, and spending a good part of the weekend smoothing out the rough spots. I still have to get D and C back to Waco in the spring for a showdown with the lizard thing that is hunting them. I have scenes from the finale written, but that can change in a heartbeat as I incorporate them into the story.
When I have a really good segment done, I'll put it up here as a sneak preview. I did one a few weeks ago and there might be another soon. We'll see how things turn out.

For those of you just tuning in, please check out my book Travelers Road on Amazon. 
(I feel like a cheap shill when I say that, but that's the only way I'm going to get the word out.)
If you have already bought my book, Thank you for helping me get started on this writing endeavor. If you liked it, please tell a friend about the story and help me make this thing grow.
If you're reading this, please like or follow my blog. I didn't know you could do that. There should be a button around the top some place... I think. Wouldn't know because I can't follow myself. Hey, that might make an interesting story. A friend put herself down as a follower. I don't know what happens after that. Hopefully there is some kind of notification sent to you whenever I post, so you don't have to go back checking every day. We all have busy lives and I'd hate to take up more of your valuable time than necessary.
To all my friends, family and loved ones who have served in the armed forces. I want to say thank you for the dedication and sacrifice you made for all of us.
You're the best.

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