Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There it is

It only took 24 hours.
Those nutjobs over at Westboro Baptist Church blamed the Oklahoma tornadoes on NBA star Jason Collins' coming out as gay. Sounds like an article from the Onion, doesn't it? Nope... from the Huffington Post no less.

There are several things wrong here and I'm going to touch base on a few them.
Using a disaster to advance your own agenda. I thought it was crazy enough when Pat Robertson blamed Hurricane Katerina on New Orleans Mardi Gras, but these yahoos have taken it to a new level of stupidity.
A few weeks back, a guitarist from the heavy metal band Slayer died. I didn't care for that music, but to each his own. WBC announced it was going to picket the guitarists' funeral. Let's see the scorecard. A bunch of bigoted hicks versus a bunch of violent metal heads. 
I'd pay to see how that turned out. Maybe even make the popcorn and sell tickets.
Few people deserve an ass kicking. That said, WBC needs to be shown the errors of their predjudiced ways. 
Ignoring them hasn't worked, because they haven't shut up. Using violence, while satisfying on one level, is only playing into their hands and lowering yourself to WBCs' already low standards.
We had a disaster of our own here in Texas. A small town was leveled when a fertilizer factory blew up. Now I saw the post on Facebook and cannot confirm the validity of the story I'm about to tell you.
The tale goes that when people from WBC planned on picketing the funerals in the town of West, Texas, the sheriff rounded up all the would be protesters and threw them in jail.
When the trouble makers told the sheriff he couldn't do that, the sheriff informed them he could. He was  legally able to hold someone for 24 hours without charging them for a crime. By the time they were released, the funeral services were over.
Now I can't confirm the truth to that story, but I do know that particular law is on the books. One of those 'stands to reason' things.
I suggest we take it a bit further. 
The punishment for all the nuisance these bone heads are causing should be cumulative.
        Not only should stupidity be painful, it should also be expensive. Proceeds from incurred fines should go to the victims they are trying to exploit.
Take away their tax exempt status. WBC claims to be a church. I've seen them throw the word 'hate' around a lot. What other church preaches about hate?
None that I am familiar with, so they need to lose that and fast. While we're at it, classify them as a hate group, just like neo-nazis.
Before passing judgement on these in-duh-viduals, I actually listened to their rhetoric. They are cherry picking passages from the Bible to suit their own needs. Sound familiar? When someone says 'it's in the Bible', that is a red flag that they are ignoring a bunch of other stuff like, 'love thy neighbor', and all that 'forgivness is divine' crap.
Now, I've made some observations about baptists in the past and I'd like to make one small suggestion.
Start refering to WBC as BINOs.
Baptists In Name Only.  

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