Sunday, May 19, 2013

Days of summer

Yesterday I rebuilt my shower from the copper pipes on up. No mean feat considering I didn't know exactly what I was doing. Last night I finished up and put away my tools, too tired to continue. The clock told me it was midnight. To me, it felt later.
This morning I cleaned the shower stall. Well, I got part way there before the fumes started to make my nose burn. So here I am on the back porch waiting for the air to clear from my head as well as the bathroom. The wife is at work. Shopping needs to be done. Laundry is going... and I still haven't showered yet!
With Memorial day right around the corner, thoughts of the perfect summer day spring forth from my subconscious.

The day starts with coffee and biscuits with sausage gravy. Putting a cooler full of drinks together, I make my way to the Comal River to meet my friends and rent an inner tube. Don't forget the sunscreen folks.
The number of people on this outing doesn't matter. The more the merrier. The cooler will get it's own tube. Secured to the personal floatation device of one of the group. That person will be handing out your drinks, so  be nice to him or her. This person may switch with another of your party, so be nice to everyone.
The day will be hot, but in the river, we'll be cool. Floating down the lazy river and drinking to avoid dehydration (and sobriety), a good time will be had by all.
About a mile or two down the river, we will be picked up by a bus from the river raft company that we rented the tubes from. Let's face it, I've only come out of that river in a sober state twice. Sometimes I had to help other friends get on dry land because they were in worse shape than I was.
The  beverage of choice while on the river is beer. No glass allowed folks. In the past we made our own drinks and put them in plastic containers for the trip. Martinis. Gin and tonics. Unconfirmed reports of vodka and rum drinks were rumored, but in my ideal day of leisure, it would have to be margaritas.
After returning our tubes, we'd make our way to the myriad barbecue joints the city has to offer.
I may be starting an argument, but there are numerous places to have a good dinner. At this time I should point out one of the rules I live by.
Never equate price with value.
Some of the best joints I've ever had a meal in looked like condemned buildings from the outside. By the same token, a big flashy sign, neon lights and 'meh' food just doesn't do it for me.
A brisket smoked with mesquite is as close to perfect as one could get. Some places won't serve you sauce, claiming there's nothing to hide. Me? I like a little Kansas City style sauce on the side of what I'm having. There is a place in New Braunfels called Schwab sausage house and barbecue. Folks tell me it's pretty good. On my next trip out there I intend to find out. While my next recommendation is technically a chain restaurant, I'm not ashamed to bring folks there. They do things right at Rudy's. The creamed corn alone is enough to make it worth going. I've been known to order a smoked ham from them during the holidays. It took several weeks and it was worth it. That alone proved to me they smoked it on the premises.
With our stomachs filled, we'd make our way to Gruene Dance hall. (Just say Green, so you won't look foolish.)
That is one of the perfect days of summer here in Texas. Food, friends, and frequent cool drinks while sitting in the shade.


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