Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Story time

I consider myself a story collector. People tell me some things that happened to them.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum...

This is a tale a friend told me about when they worked over at the Magic Kingdom many years ago. If I told it and kept the story as real as the events related to me allow, I'd run out of pronouns. So instead, I'm going to tell the story as if I were the person this actually happened to. Enjoy.

Another day working at the Haunted Mansion here at Walt Disney World. My shift was nearly over and I elected to stay outside and direct guests. The setting sun felt nice with the afternoon rain cooling off an otherwise hot summer day.
"Excuse me, young man," an older woman said while approaching me. "Can you tell me where the Magic Kingdom is?"
"Of course, ma'am," I replied. "Walt Disney World is the Magic Kingdom."
A flustered look crossed her face. "No, that's not right," she said. "There were signs directing us to the Magic Kingdom, and then there were signs telling us where Disney World is. We are now at Disney World, I want to go to the Magic Kingdom."
"But ma'am," I explained "Both are the same place. Disney World is the Magic Kingdom."
This went on for several minutes. The woman refused to believe she wasn't in the Magic Kingdom a.k.a Disney World.
Frantically I wracked my skull, trying to convince her I was telling the truth, then it occurred to me.
"Alright ma'am," I said. "You win. Take the monorail at the front gate that leads to the parking lot transportation center. As you get off the monorail, look to your right. There will be a sign that says 'Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.' Get on that monorail and it will take you to the Magic Kingdom.
The woman gathered her things and promptly went on a 40 minute ride around the lake. Plenty of time for me to make my escape.

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