Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Turn and face the strange

People have told me that I'm weird.
That's alright, I see things differently than most people. A long time ago I read a quote and took it to heart.
'Courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of it.'
There are moments when I get scared, times when I'm fearful and afraid. It's a normal reaction to have when faced with something you don't understand.
More than anything else, I try and fathom the reasoning behind actions people take.

A long time ago, my sister had a problem with her car. The fuel pump kept going on her. Didn't matter if the part was rebuilt or replaced, every couple of months, the pump would die.
So I asked myself: What is behind the pump causing it to fail? We never did figure out the problem. Sometimes I thought it was a design flaw of the vehicle itself.
A lot of people are going on about how the President is bad, or the government is messed up. (I'll be the first to admit it could be better.) When some loudmouth with a microphone is spewing bile, I ask myself; 'What is the reason this guy is upset?'
Okay... specifics
The NRA is ranting how President Obama is trying to take everyone's guns away. 
Opps... there goes my bullshit detector.
Nobody has tried to collect any guns. I haven't seen anyone ordered to turn their guns in.
When my daughter came into this world, I considered buying a gun for protection. I went to the range with a friend and we discussed the pros and cons of pistols for home defense. After firing several makes and models I came to a conclusion:
I don't need a gun.
Don't mistake that last sentence. If someone comes into my house uninvited, their breathing privileges are revoked. I don't need a gun... to kill you.
I am not anti-gun. I'm more along the lines of pro-knife.
Any idiot can shoot a gun. Most people don't know how to shoot one. Hey... show me how you hold that gangsta style.
As I sit typing this entry, I can see seven to ten weapons within easy reach and I know how and where to use them. It would definitely make the news and people would be talking about it for quite some time.
Guns are designed to kill, pure and simple. Moreover, they are used to instill fear in whoever the gun is pointed at, and that's just it:
I don't do fear.

Back when my wife and I were becoming a serious item, her ex-boyfriend decided to drop in unannounced. I was asleep when he burst into the room. Grabbing the first thing I could and threw it while still in my sleep. Of all the things that might have been going through his tiny brain, getting decked with a shoe probably wasn't on his list. 
Cooler heads (my wife) did prevail that night. It could have escalated, but I'm glad it didn't. I'm lucky the first thing my subconscious mind didn't grab was a blade or worse. A trip to the emergency room is no way to start off a relationship.

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