Sunday, May 12, 2013

Universal truths

When I first thought of doing this post, I thought I'd write down some quotes that pop into my head. Because I'm a bit scatter brained right now, I was afraid I'd just cut and copy a whole lot of things and it would look like crap.
Instead, I'm going to go with what I believe. My philosophy on life and how I treat people.

I believe my rights as a human being end where yours begin.  
No one has the right to tell other people what to do with their body. A stock boy down at our grocery store has these plugs in his ears. They stretch his earlobes out so much I think he's wearing silver dollars as earrings. It makes him look ridiculous. I don't say anything to him, because it's his body, no matter how stupid I think it looks, he must like it.

Politeness costs nothing and can mean everything.
You can dislike someone and yet be civil to them. It reflects well on how you treat others. Who knows? That person that you detest might actually do something for you later on down the line.

Try not to focus on the bad things. When good stuff happens, it will be that much sweeter.
There may not be a whole lot of money in the checking account right now, but put it aside so you can focus on the work in front of you. 

Time really does heal. 
It seems cliché, but putting time, and perhaps distance, from a problem will help you overcome it. Something bothering you? Go do something else, come back to it later. Some body bothering you? Put some space in between you.

It's okay to feel fear, but try not to be afraid. 
Fear keeps us from harm. I was afraid of electrocuting myself when the hair dryer was left on the bathroom sink. I simply unplugged it and put it away.

Some times the best thing we can do is listen.
Don't tell everyone what you did this weekend. Instead, ask a friend how was their weekend and listen to the answer. 

Spend time with your loved ones
Turn off the TV or computer and play a game with the kids. That is never a waste of time.
Show your child how to cook or involve them with a favorite hobby. That is an investment in their future.

When you see some thing wrong, point it out. But be prepared to back up your statement.
Be a critical thinker. Don't blindly follow anyone. Don't be afraid to stand up for your convictions.

and a final thought: it is certainly possible to be wrong. Changing your mind about a subject is a sign of intelligence.  
I'll leave you with one quote from Winston Churchill.
'A zealot is one who doesn't change their mind and refuses to change the subject.' 


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