Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mid-week stretch

One of my musketeers reminded me there are only 17 days of school left. That's alright, we used to run a countdown too. 
But that doesn't mean we can coast... no, no, no... There are tryouts for next years team. Musketeer #2 tried out for captain. Leadership suits her. She is assertive, intelligent, and physically active. I almost feel sorry for whoever she dates.
Musketeer #1 got a job at Sonic. They'll call her later in the week when she's on the schedule. In the meantime, she has to relearn how to skate. Like most kids, she had her little girl skates and rollerblades. I'm chagrined to admit it, she's grown from the spunky sidekick to a full grown Amazon princess warrior. More and more people are mistaking her for someone in her mid twenties. All the boys in the neighborhood are intimidated by her. That, and they're scared of little ol' me. This is not a bad thing, mind you.
The littlest Musketeer had one final performance with her band mates. She's out catching firefly's right now. Some things you want to do with your kids, but this is something she's best discovering on her own. An orthodontic appointment was in there somewhere.
My summer calendar is filling up fast. Relatives coming and going. Daughters off to explore and conquer the world. Helping pick out colleges and perhaps deciding to join the military.
That one isn't set in stone, gang. She's thinking about enlisting. I suggested she go for it. That psychology degree she wants isn't going to grow by itself. 
Time to face facts: my daughters are growing up fast. In the very near future, I suspect the words 'empty nest' will be used to describe my  house.
I am dreading with anticipation that day.

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