Tuesday, April 2, 2013

living for the weekend

This weekend I will be at Chimaeracon. (spelling it with the 'ae' goes against everything I learned about grammar.)
We play all kinds of tabletop games. A lot of people dress up as their favorite character. A couple of years ago I had a kid dress up as a samurai. It was a good costume, right on down to the sword. When I told him he'd have to peace knot it or leave it in his car, he got a little whiny. 'But I want to show my friends!'
No, Sorry. Not going to happen. 15 years old and a sharp weapon he wants to show off. Hmm... what's the worst that can happen?
Generally the costumes are pretty good. I especially like the steampunk costumes. They're really creative. There is a picture floating around on the link I put up. Last year a girl dressed up as a character from the munchkin game. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look for a pretty girl dressed as a Valkyrie holding a really big axe.
Generally, I try to make a prop for the con. Last year it was a huge, heavy, hard to transport mech. This year I tried to make a creeper out of lighter materials such as Styrofoam. Long story short: it didn't turn out like I planned. A buddy of mine stepped in and put together a cardboard creeper. Thanks a million, Gary.
Rather than driving across town all weekend, we got a room at the Marriott where the con will be held. It'll be like a mini-getaway, or that's what I keep telling myself. I'm looking forward to it... really. Part of the time I will be security/safety, which means I make sure vendor merchandise doesn't walk out the door. I also keep the costumed warriors, webslingers, and caped crusaders from kicking their heels up too high.
No balcony diving Spiderman. Sorry Batman, no swinging from the chandeliers.
I'll also be running a Robo Rally game each day of the con. Don't know what that is? Come on down to the con and find out. We'll have a lot of fun. I'll be posting pictures throughout the weekend. No, really, I will.
At other times I'll be playing some other games with my friends. Card games. Strategy games. Board games and everything in between.
Let's see: Fun, check. Friends, check. Family, check. Food, definitely check. Two weeks back my good friend Gary took me to a Greek restaurant not too far from where the con was going to be held. I haven't had stuffed grape leaves since I was a kid. Perhaps I can leave the kids at the pool and the wife and I make a date out of it?

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