Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stranger to change

Today didn't start like I wanted things to happen. Some times I feel like I slipped into an alternate dimension while I slept. 
When I wake up, things look the same but with one or two crucial differences that can throw the whole thing out of whack.
Try as I might to roll with the punches, I'm still getting banged around. My oldest had a fever and might have Strep. My wife made breakfast before heading off to work. (Not a bad thing, but unusual.) When I wasn't looking, the Chimearacon staff decided Gary and I would be the best choices for drawing guests to the convention. Not that I'm disagreeing with them, but I have no idea what I'm doing!
So I sat down and banged out two letters inviting these people down to our little slice of Texas. I won't tell you who, but the responses were favorable. Now if I only knew when the con was going to be held. The staff agreed on May because two years ago it was held on Easter weekend. Bad timing. Folks off with family can't come to the con. The one we just had was too close to spring break. People wanted to come, but didn't have the money. Seems like a no-win situation. No one is to blame here. I just didn't know I'd hit two home runs the first time out.
I'm waiting to hear from our glorious leaders about nailing down a weekend. Did I jump the gun a little? Maybe I did. The quick responses did surprise me. Like I told you, I have no clue what I'm doing. And no, I didn't get any writing done. The letters don't count.

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