Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good times, bad times

I'm writing this from my slightly over heated house. My air conditioner broke a few days ago. The kids had school while my wife and I worked. This left the dog at home during the day. Now, the good news. It's not that hot in Texas... yet. Wait a week, we'll hit the high temps soon enough. Between the fans and some strategically placed curtains, we can keep things from getting out of hand. If it got any hotter, I'd have the dog stay outside with a water dish. Actually during the summer it isn't a bad idea to get a kiddie pool so the dog can keep cool.
Carol will be getting paid in a few days and we know some people who can fix our AC. So it will work out in a day or three.
With the days averaging 75 to 80 degrees F ( 23 to 28 C for my Norwegian,German and Russian viewers. By the way, thanks for tuning in.) I took the day off to do a little fishing. Perfect weather for it and a good excuse to get out of the house. Besides, all the daughters are PMS'ing. Mom along with them too. All their cycles lined up. So I did the only sane thing: to save their lives, I went fishing. If I had to stay in the house with four bitchy females, I'd kill them.
This way everybody lives. I call that a win/win scenario.
Tomorrow I'll clean out the garage and take another crack at fixing our leaky shower. Somehow or another I wanted to have time to write a story that has been kicking around in my head. Well... there are two ideas I wrote down. One is a creepy short. The other one is a short about Daniel and Charlotte where our Scottish lass gets to rescue Daniel. If the D & C story turns out well enough, I might find a way to incorporate that into the next book.
 I'm going to have to find a phrase that describes my heroes. Time traveling sleuths? Monster hunting detectives? (Larry Corriea has that corner of the genre all wrapped up.) 
Nineteenth century nightstalkers? That deals with the time period and what they go after.
The absinthe detectives? Steam punk overtures combined with crime fighting.
I'll throw the floor open to you guys. If you can come up with a good suggestion for what I should call Daniel and Charlotte, leave it in the comment box. If I use it, I'll credit you in the next book.


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