Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day two

We got an early start on the con yesterday. The girls said something about the hotel setting up a breakfast buffet. That was something I could really get down with. Turns out to be 9.95 a person for breakfast. A quick mental calculation would have put me over 50.00 for breakfast. I did a complete turn around. Luckily, the girls followed my lead.
People were already lined up to get in. Chuck was in position as safety, so I made a run to McDonalds and got them some breakfast. I fed more mouths using less money, always a bargain in my book.
I know I'm late, but here's the pics. I'm having trouble downloading them off my phone camera to my computer. I have to mail them to myself, then I can post them. For some reason it took 24 hours for that e-mail to reach me. Blame it on the wi-fi.
She's either ready to beam up,or recite the pledge of allegiance.

Gamers gotta game
Killer fairies are fabulous

People do dress up at the con.  Some costumes are better than others. I'm not going to show you the ones that look thrown together. The ones that clearly show an effort in their costumes will get showcased here.

Dr. Who fans beware
An eighties flashback
In addition to costumes there are props

So let me get the final bunch of pics off the camera and I'll see if I can't load them up before I hit the sack.

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