Monday, April 15, 2013

The blame game and other happenings

Tried to post this earlier, but life intervened. Before we get started, I'd just like to send my heartfelt prayers to the victims in the Boston Marathon bombing. To the person or people responsible for this awful tragedy, you just pissed a lot of folks off.

On to business:
My cards came in today. Thanks to my buddy, Bob who clued me in to Vistaprint.
Just this side of snarky

    As soon as I got in to work, one of my friends came up and said; 'Did you see it? The top of the baler is busted.'
By that he meant the cardboard baler. A large machine with a hydraulic press we use to band cardboard boxes together for recycling. But the 'top' is broken? I had no idea what he could be referring to.
At first glance it looks normal
 But lets get a close up, shall we? Upon first seeing it, I thought I was in a bad Micheal Bay movie. The first words out of my bosses mouth: Did you do that? My response was "It wasn't like that when I left Friday night." By questioning various people, we narrowed the time down to after 6 PM on Friday and before noon on Saturday. Now the only thing strong enough to crack a steel I beam is the press sitting on top of the baler. Now instead of saying Holy crap on a cracker, I'm going to say Holy cracked girders! It's my new catch phrase.
That's a steel girder

A cracked steel girder

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Robert Fedick said...

Whoa! They just don't make steel like they used to.