Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good for the goose

If you take a look at all the contraceptives out on the market today, nearly all of them are geared towards women. The pill. Sponges. IUD's just to name a few. The only male oriented birth control is the condom. Heck, they even make a female condom for the woman to put inside of her. How crazy is that?
In talking with my friends about forms of birth control, the answer usually gravitates towards hysterectomies. Well, why not vasectomies? None of the guys I talked to would even entertain the notion of going under the knife if they could help it... the cowards.
After my second child was born, I began to look into getting out of the gene pool. Two lovely daughters were currently in my house. After doing the math, I would have a 1:12 chance of having a son. Right before scheduling an appointment for myself, my wife announced she was pregnant with our third child.
I won't lie. For two brief seconds I considered telling my wife to end this pregnancy. Of course, that wasn't my decision. My rights as a person end where yours begin. I didn't have the right to tell my wife (or any woman) what to do with their bodies. 
So my darling Stephanie came into our lives. Three girls. Punnett square be damned, it was high time to get out of the damn gene pool.
For a woman to get her tubes tied requires an overnight stay in a hospital, cutting through several layers of muscles, and is considered major surgery with the associated cost. Recovery time is in the 6 to 9 week range, depending on surgical procedure and complications.
For the guys it's different. the cost was minimal (under 100.00). An outpatient procedure. (I drove myself home.)
Then, on doctors orders, I had to lay on the couch all weekend and watch TV. I would compare the procedure to be as painful as getting a cavity filled.
Ladies: Every argument your boyfriend or husband makes against getting a vasectomy is invalid. It's cheap, minimal discomfort, no loss of sex drive (I've noticed an increase.), and if you want a kid later for whatever reason, it's reversible! 
My wife and I have sex more often because pregnancy is one less thing to worry about.
And to all the guys who are to macho to consider the points I make: get over it already. Consider it a sign of maturity. Your girl will thank you.     

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