Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's to forgive?

When it comes to forgiving, I think Baptists are the worst. For example: someone says they're sorry, they should mean it. My whole beef with Religion in general and Baptists in particular is that I don't think they're actually apologizing.
In my many years of going to parties, bar tending and waiting tables I've noticed a trend. Many people are asking for forgiveness on Sunday for what they did Saturday night. The people doing it the most happened to be of the Baptist persuasion. These same people do it again and again. Week after week. Doing some really wild stuff at the dance clubs and hangouts knowing that they can just ask for forgiveness the next morning in church. A revolving door get out of jail free pass.
Kinda takes the sincerity out of it, doncha think?
A friend of mine once observed that I wasn't very religious, but I was a spiritual person. That was a very deep thought and I wanted to give it the time it deserved before I came to a conclusion. They were right.
I do believe in fate and karma. Your outlook on life lends to your overall happiness. I believe we control our own destiny. We make out own luck. Most of all, if you did wrong by a person, apologize... and mean it.
So to all the bullies who beat me up in grade school, to the girlfriend who cheated on me, to all the mean arrogant assholes I've run across (and worked for)... I forgive you.

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