Friday, March 15, 2013

Say what?

Spent the day at Disney World with the family. Carol and I were stunned by everything that changed since the last time we were here. For the girls this was a whole new experience. It's been eleven years since they've been to the parks. They were squeeing with delight over everything. Even riding Big Thunder railroad at night... twice. We pulled out of the parking lot at 5 minutes before 1 AM. Don't bother setting the alarm clock guys. Nobody is waking Mom and Dad the next morning. I mumbled something about making pancakes in the morning before going to bed.
After a full night's sleep, the girls are just putting in an appearance. We're supposed to be having lunch with Carol's dad. She's going to be making those calls after she gets off with the vet.
Seems our Pepper has some whip worms. Arrgh! I gave him the heart worm medicine in January and it appears I missed the following dose. Well, we got him now. We'll settle with the vet when we get back.
I keep promising myself that I'd post more pictures here. Kayleigh has done a fantastic job of taking pictures of everything. After consulting with my teenage tech team, there will be pictures

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