Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Forgetting things

Thought I was being clever this weekend. Famous last words, I know. Dutifully backing up all my scribbles on to a thumb drive, my intention was to put them where I could get to the stories as well as the finished product. After all, this sequel isn't going to write itself. Long story short: The file with the name of 'Daniel's second adventure', isn't Daniel's second adventure. I rewrote the first chapter. It starts completely different. The one on the screen looks all choppy and crappy. Looks like I'm going to pay the old family computer a visit and see where the file is. I could work on a short story or just fiddle away the lunch hour playing minecraft, but that wouldn't be right. I'll just update my blog using Lowe's complimentary wi-fi. These guys have got to be good for something.
I'm loving this new notebook. Fun and challenging. There is a learning curve on using a Linux OS, but I'm getting the hang of it. I'm wondering how much writing I'm going to get done while on vacation?

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