Friday, December 25, 2015

A new level of furious

Since the accident I have had to control my emotions, especially watching my temper. I tell myself that killing/maiming/beating the shit out of people won't help, no matter how much they deserve it. 'He needs killing!' may be a justifiable defense, but it's not a good idea.
But all that rage has to go somewhere, right?

I've always advised people to vote with their wallets. Don't like what a certain business is doing? Take your money elsewhere and tell your friends, (and why!)

Today's object of my wrath is Regal Cinemas. Like many other folks, I took my family to see the new Star Wars. Regular readers will note I have a checkered past with them. Half the time there have been problems with the captioning system. I'm not kidding. Every other movie I've gone to I've had to get my money back or given comp tickets. But what are they going to do, give me free passes for life? This will not do.

In the past I've experienced dead batteries, faulty wiring, improper synchronization of the craptions. (Wanna read the beginning of the movie at the climax? That's what I'm talking about.)
Today looked like more of the same, shoddy batteries,even though the manager insisted they were new. How new is open to interpretation.
After missing the first few minutes of the movie, the manager Fran Kaufold and I returned to the theater with a new headset. She had to go back and get a THIRD Pair.
But something was up with the replacement. Only the left side of the glasses worked. This translates to half a sentence. Would you enjoy a movie that they only said the first three or four words of dialogue? 
I'm past slamming my fist on the counter. Yelling isn't going to solve things. Informing the manager of her questionable ancestry doesn't fix the problem.
As I've alluded to in the title of the post: I've reached a scathing level of deadly calm. I thanked the manager for doing what she could and I would take it from that point. So where am I at in terms of emotional stability? I'm thankful I didn't have anything within reach that I could have used to break bones.
So, return home. Take a few minutes to calm down. Think about a solution. I keep coming back to take your money elsewhere. That changes me, it doesn't encourage them to change.
In the past I've complained at the ticket box office. That gets me free tickets.
I've written the corporate office. That got me a letter of apology and more tickets. I don't want free tickets. The problem needs to be fixed. My wish is to sit with my family and enjoy the same movie without interruptions. Together. That's not so hard, is it? I feel bad for those people who I disturb while getting out of my seat.
This has gone on long enough. After talking it over with my family we're going to take our business elsewhere. AMC offers close captioning. It's farther from us, but if that's what it takes... I'm also going to go to a couple of deaf monthly meetings and try to get a read on things. Perhaps organize something.

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