Saturday, January 9, 2016

Schedule disruptions

Sorry for being so quiet lately, things were a little busy. Last week I got started on 18 gallons of various flavors of mead. The wife and I are heading out in a bit to get 20 more pounds of honey. We want to make ten more gallons and to make that happen I should really get 22 to 24 pounds.
I started a go fund me page for Centaur Meadery. Here's the link: 

For this blog I write about anything and everything that comes to mind, sort of a clearing house for my musings. I'll try and keep the mead related stuff over on the go fund me page.

Next week I'll be heading to New Braunfels to clean up another store. This involves arriving before the sun comes up. Luckily the drive isn't as far as the round trip to Kyle, Texas.
Right before we left work yesterday, there was a small accident. A box full of glass sheets fell on my foot. The worn box they were in ripped open, landing on my foot. No blood, no cuts. Yes, it did hurt and I have a beautiful bruise under the nail of my big toe. Basically it amounted to a stubbed toe. Nothing broken. No cuts/lacerations. Not even a drop of blood. I'm more embarrassed by it than anything else. Several people have pointed out that I walk faster than the general population. Perhaps this is a way to hobble me down to their level.
So we've begun taking down the Christmas decorations. The girls have taken it upon themselves to redecorate the house and throw out the clutter. Last night I got a little nervous when they said we needed a new dining room table. It was suggested we get new lights as well. I never liked the foyer lamp and my eldest pointed out nothing matched. The chandelier over my head needs to go as well. This would be a simpler decision if it actually worked. It could be replaced, but the new one wouldn't work because of the faulty wiring. Another reminder to get the house rewired. 
All of the renovation projects are related. I got to get on building that porch I always keep talking about. This in turn leads to a discussion about the siding and how the house is badly wired. Half of it is copper wiring, the other half is aluminum. (My DIY inclined friends just shook their collective heads upon reading that sentence.)
The list of projects keeps growing. Kitchen, stove, garage, porch, siding, wiring. Do you see why sometimes I think it would be better to bulldoze the place and start from scratch?
It's a never ending cycle.

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