Sunday, December 6, 2015


Finally occurred to me to e-mail the pictures to myself. One smack to the forehead later, I began this post.
This one was from when we vacationed in Florida prior to Thanksgiving. We stayed at a house in Seaside, Florida, with cousins. To show my appreciation, I brought some bottles of mead to share. This is what the pineapple ginger looked like as the sun set over the bay.
There are no words

 I'm going to use that for a thumbnail when I start my Kickstarter to raise money for the meadery.
So yeah kids, Dad is going to talk about meads. Go back to reading your Twilight fan fiction. Shoo...

Saturday, before my patio door shattering, I was on the porch filtering and bottling the latest batches of mead.
We took the new pump through it's paces and it acquitted itself nicely. this was the first bottle to come out.
See through awesome
That's the pumpkin spice. Here are it's brothers. All told there are 11 bottles. Two of which are 1.5 liters and cold crashing in my fridge for the next 12 months.
Now taking suggestions for a name

Doing the math, this batch of pumpkin spice mead came in at 22% ABV. Taking a sip between filling bottles told me it was very good. A pumpkin and nutmeg taste with a kick. Smooth, crisp and easy to swallow. No metallic bite. Now imagine how well it will age in one year. Oh, yeah baby.

The next two were problematical. These two refused to clear despite correct readings. 
Don't let appearances fool you
The one on the right, the pear, weighs in at almost 19% (18.995, but who's counting?) the blueberry/pear came in at almost 8%. Still respectable, but this is the first single digit ABV I've hit. While the blueberry combo is sweet and goes down easy, the pear is a bit on the dry side with a little metallic bite to it. Typically that will smooth out during the aging. Don't ask for samples, these are going to sit for one year. So says the deaf mead maker. There is a pure blueberry one that I had to tinker with, so it's a few months behind the others. It took some research to find out what went wrong, next time I'll use a different method to introduce the fruit.

So what do I need from you guys? Why, to help me name them, of course!

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