Saturday, December 19, 2015

Count down

Two-thirds of my brood finished their finals yesterday. Musketeer number two felt she passed her calculus, but didn't ace it. This is good news because often times she underestimates things like that in order not to get her hopes up. When she is one of a handful of students who pass the exam, there's that little squeal of surprise followed by a sigh of relief.
I was dropping off a package to Fed Ex with my youngest when an epiphany occurred. Stop lights are actually the moments when we have time to recollect all the things in our scatterbox brains.
Daughter #1 is in college. Daughter #2 will be graduating this spring. That leaves #3 with only a few years of high school left. 
What I'm feeling is the first pangs of empty nest syndrome. Watching the kids grow up to spread their wings. I'm near the end of bringing them into adulthood.
Except it doesn't really end. It simply moves on to another stage of growth.
Enough of this retrospective bull.
Got your Christmas shopping done? I'm getting the hang of it finally. Cards went out the weekend after Thanksgiving, including the birthday cards in January. Our family has more than it's fair share of Capricorns for some reason.
Today I'm going to work on my last gallon of mead. There is filtering to be done. I'm up to 28 bottles of various flavors. When it comes time to bottle this last batch of blueberry, (some time in January) I'm sure it will be over 30. There's a tiny bit of sediment on the bottom of each bottle. Way less than before, it goes to show that I've a bit more refining to do. Which reminds me, I need to label these buggers before I forget what's in them.
With the coming of the New Year the wife and I have resolved to make big batches of the recipes that proved popular with the taste testers. I spend roughly 100 dollars per five gallons of mead on ingredients, mostly honey.
If the Apocalypse happens, (WW III, American Taliban, Skynet or zombies.) I'm sure my next career will be making libations for whoever is in charge... Except those robot overlords, I'm fairly certain they prefer 10W-30.
I'm fixing to hold another tasting event down town at the end of January. Learning from the last time, I'll try to get some cards printed up and see about getting the right people to show.
This is the year Centaur Meads gets off the ground. We won't be selling, but definitely laying the ground work and getting production started.

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