Saturday, December 12, 2015

A new door

This morning the family and I began taking the busted patio door out in preparation for installing a new door. Starting with this:
Photo taken between the first and second cup of coffee.

My crew, a family project
Here's what I learned:
Shop Vac's pick up safety glass pretty good.
There is no such thing as a straight line in construction.
Staples are regularly used to put in patio doors. 
They installed the old patio door backwards.

We're having bulk collection in our neighborhood on Monday, so putting a door frame out on the curb isn't that unusual.
When I made a run to the store for extra shims, the vultures were already picking through what I left out front. Keeping a smile on my face, I asked the picker/vulture/scavenger if he could move his car out of the way so I could leave. I do and don't have a problem with these people. On the one hand, I'm not going to use the stuff again. They're just recycling. The flip side is they're picking through my garbage like it was nothing. It personally grosses me out. There is a reason I threw it out,guys. 
Smile for the camera
This is one of those chain reaction projects. Notice the torn off siding. It's asbestos from the seventies. Now I know what you're thinking: That stuff will give you cancer, which is a partially correct answer. If it was pulverized into dust and got into my lungs, then we're talking the big C.
The only thing we disturbed is a bunch of spider egg sacks. Oh, and I found a mummified skink. Should of gotten a picture of that one. Now we'll have to replace the siding. Rebuilding the porch moved up a few notches on my 'To do' list. We should replace the windows while we're at it. At least the one near the porch. Slowly, but surely we are turning this house of straw into one of bricks.
This is so Santa can get those presents in.
Almost done
We had a little trouble putting the shims in, but eventually we got the doors to close properly. French doors secured to the studs in the wall. Door knob on and a door latch on the inactive door. We had to call it a night because we were losing what passed as daylight. Cloudy, drizzle plagued us all day. I was hoping my tools didn't short out while we worked.
Tomorrow I'll put the trim up and so some creative engineering with the plywood to protect the insulation. There will even be pictures, I promise.

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