Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two out of three

This can be applied to so many things
A while back I saw a Venn diagram similar to this, but instead of 'perfect',  there was the word 'good'. The rest of it still applies, and to so many situations. Art, retail, design, manufacture... the list goes on.
The trick is to strike a balance between the three. More often than not, you have to skimp on one of those depending on the situation.
Slowly, but surely, my oldest is packing her room, going through 18 years of memories and what not. She assures me it's getting done. Each day I look into her room, I see more bare floor and progress is being made. This tells me she's doing it, but I'm going to have to tell her to pick up the pace. We'll be leaving in a few weeks.
Both my daughters have told me they want an adventure, and that was partially the reason they ultimately decided to go to college out of state.
There's applause and dread welling up inside of me. My babies are ready to fly. There's a part of me that is wondering how well they'll do. My wife and I taught them as much as we could, the rest is up to them. Perhaps I should run a countdown? Nah, I'm not in that big a rush to see them get out the door. The oldest leaving in a month, the middle daughter making plans for what happens in two years time.
I keep telling myself; 'I'm not old... I'm not old...' Perhaps I'll believe that one day.
Physically, my wife and I are in the best shape of our lives. We have all our teeth and we're eating healthy. I'm actually 10 to 15 pounds lighter than I thought I was. For some reason I believed I was in the 190 lb. range. Last week I stepped on a scale and lo and behold, I came in at 176!  Over the next few days (before meals, end of day.) I averaged 180 pounds. I'm comfortable with that, really. That's no reason to order the jumbo cheese fries or the triple scoop ice cream. 
It's a bad thing to discuss weight with my wife. I actually think she looks good. Being taller than I am, she carries it well. Knowing her like I do, I've noticed she's not flabby or saggy. I might go so far as to say she's toning up. Now we both could exercise more. My job has plenty of opportunities to burn calories and work out. The catch phrase I find myself using is, 'Who needs a gym?' 

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