Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A thought

It's amazing how my weekend can get suddenly cluttered. This morning I got a text asking if my girls can volunteer at a convention downtown. The wife is working, so guess who has to play taxi? I don't begrudge them this bit of fun. It's summer, things will be changing soon enough when school starts. This convention is for anime enthusiasts. While I think anime is a legitimate art form, it attracts the younger crowd. I'd feel like a dirty old guy surrounded by giggly school girls. A few years ago, the whole family went. To be fair there we're males present. Some were also dressed as giggly school girls. The beards were a give away. No, I was pretty sure they weren't just wearing kilts. Scotsmen don't wear school uniform skirts. This year I can safely duck out of this one. Text me when you're ready to come home girls.
My first batch of apple cider will be ready. I'm thinking of loading a case up and after I drop the girls off, I'll head to my sisters house. This was her idea after all. I'll be catching up on things I've let slide. Fix this. Repair that. Wash the car. Weed the garden. Oh, yeah. They want me for Federal jury duty too. There's a form I have to fill  out. They want me to be on call for the entire month of August. Phoning in and receiving instructions by automated message. Uh, yeah. I better fill that form out tonight. Sorry guys, this isn't going to work.
There is a part of me that thinks it is my civic responsibility to participate on a jury. I got close on the state level once. The lawyer dismissed me when I mentioned I could read lips. What's he have to hide? Boy, that restored my cynicism in the law right away.
You see, I will think long and hard about the situation. If I believe you are innocent, or at least not guilty, then I will do everything in my power to see justice done. If I think you are guilty of the accused crime, then I will come down the hardest on you. None of this wishy washy leniency thing. Perhaps I'm turning into a grumpy old guy. Simply put, I'm not taking as much crap as I used to put up with.

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