Saturday, July 26, 2014

Slow down

For the last few days, I've noticed a problem. When I visit a web page, the site doesn't load completely. I have to hit the refresh button two or three times. This isn't for some high volume Twitter or Reddit feed (to which I still haven't joined.) This is just to access my blog.
The kids are reading or watching You Tube while I'm trying to get this thing loaded. My e-mail account has been slow to process, to the point where I have to ask myself, 'did I actually push that button?' No, there's a little squiggly circle thing that indicates G-mail is busy. Let's go to a web comic and get caught up on the latest shenanigans of my  favorite characters. The blank screen is sometimes worse than a blue screen of death. Forget Facebook, it simply locks up.
Click that refresh button again.
Seriously, what have I done to offend the internet Gods?
Virus scan and malware software come up clean. Hmm, what could be the problem?
Five bars on my wi-fi.
Maybe this is that net neutrality thing the cable/telcoms are trying to kill. Perhaps I'm not paying enough for the fast lane access. 

That pretty much sums that up. I met Lar DeSouza in Austin a few years back. He's a fun guy and I'm a big fan of his artwork. If you're not offended by the occasional f-bomb or politically incorrect rhetoric, give Least I Could Do a look.

But back to my problem: why is the internet so slow this week?
I've gone to other places that have free wi-fi and things seem pretty much normal speed. Perhaps I need to talk to AT&T, but that will have to wait until the wife gets home. Arrgh! Things get fixed so much faster when you talk to a human over the phone. The irony of sending a text over a reduced connection regarding the reduced connection staggers the mind.
Last week I had to help a deaf customer apply for a credit card. The credit company needed to ask her some questions and they required her to answer them on the phone.
Think about that one.
I got selected for Federal jury duty a while back. It required I call their automated voice mail system and receive instructions on where and when to report for the civic function. I sent in the required paperwork and my wife received a call on her phone saying I was excused from jury duty.
Do we see a pattern here?
When I get my writing career up and running full time, I am anticipating having a conversation. My future agent/ publisher will want to talk to me on the phone. I will say that it will have to be face to face or via e-mail. People will think I'm some sort of hermit or agoraphobic. If you know me, then you know the opposite is true.
My family helpfully assists me in dealing with nuances in the hearing world, for that I'm eternally grateful. Perhaps my frustration is because I once knew what it was like to function in a hearing world and now, I'm doing it in a reduced capacity. I call it second class citizenship. 
'But you're not really. You have the same rights as everyone else,' I can hear people say. 
A quote from George Orwell springs to mind. "All animals are created equal, although some animals are more equal than others."
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

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