Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fighting fire with... humor?

Not too long ago, I was ranting on the gun nuts we have here in Texas. These ammosexuals believe they have the second amendment right to bring their AK-47 into a mall or fast food restaurant. 'Come and take it Texas', (that's what they really call themselves.) have been going about having little flash mob gatherings with their automatic weapons. A restaurant here, a Home Depot there... Then some ladies from Austin decided to bring their own weapons to the gathering.

They went topless. 
Now here's what I find funny: These macho he-men are brandishing their guns, trying to act all big and tough, but when a couple of bare breasted ladies show up, they scamper away like the cowards they are.
This is what I find wrong with America in general. Certain groups try to instill fear and intimidate others, but they can't handle a little skin. They think it's inappropriate for a gal to go topless, well the rest of us think it's wrong to go waving your gun around in public.
That's not the way you impress people, guys.
This open carry group consists of conservative idiots who probably couldn't spell amendment, let alone point to it on the Constitution. How do I stand by such an accusation? By pointing out the words in the header of the article. I'd rather have lunch with a skanky topless libtard than a redneck asshole any day.
Never underestimate the power of boobs.

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