Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Last post I talked about my father in law passing away. This post is related to that. For the last few days I've been traveling. Dealing with family, loved ones, lawyers and funeral directors.
My impression? 'That's it, I'm not dying. You won't find the body, you won't prove anything.', was the first thought to occur to me. I wouldn't put my family through this. Aside from how asinine that statement is, I realize no matter how specific I am or how I put my affairs in order, there will always be people to quibble over my casket. Side note: I am to be cremated, stuck in the ground near a fruit bearing tree... I'm really into recycling. Plus, there is a story in there, so hands off, it's mine.
Funerals are for the living. When I'm gone, I won't care or give two shits about what goes to who. Instead, hire a band. Celebrate my life, don't mourn my death. Have a bonfire. Light some fireworks. Possibly an open bar... After one or two rounds, each of my friends must tell a humorous story of one misadventure or another.
"Remember that time he stole that stop sign?"
"Well, we took a leak on the city limit sign as we were leaving."
"He arranged that paintball battle..."
"That time the raccoon got loose in the office..."
"We tricked that guy into eating a dog biscuit..."
"When we lit those fireworks and the desert caught fire..."
"He got this girl to talk about her bowel movements on video."
"Those exploding cigarettes..."
"He filled my apartment with balloons."
"That jerk put a wasp nest in my dresser."
Yes, those are references to true misadventures. My life is anything but boring.

My father in law loved his first wife. After she passed away, he found happiness and married a second time. It is possible to love more than one person in your lifetime. One should not eclipse the other or divide what has already been built up over the decades. Instead, find the middle ground to honor both.
Yes, there were a lot of awkward moments this past week when things weren't done right. It is my wish to minimize that when I have a go 'round.

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