Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The checklist

All my Christmas shopping is done and the refrigerator is stocked with food the kids will eat (I hope). In a little while we're going to go out to our church for Christmas eve service.
We look for the positive things in our lives, so much so that we miss the chance to be grateful for what we have. Allow me to explain:
A few days ago, I was talking with a friend about the usual topics: the weather, bills, and what we can and cannot afford.
"Man, I wish I made as much as you," he said.
That made me pause. I don't think I make all that much to begin with. My paycheck is often spent within the first 48 hours of it appearing in the bank, but my friend only works part time, 16 hours a week. He's a fully trained chef, but works at Lowe's because it's a steady paycheck and they were hiring. Hmm... taking a lesser paying job not in your chosen vocation because you needed the cash. Where have I heard that before?
It was in that moment of clarity I realized my lot in life wasn't all that bad. Sure, we are all trying to better ourselves, but some of us have a longer and tougher climb up that hill.
Tonight I salute all those out there who are struggling with less, the single parent, the homeless.
I am truly fortunate to have a loving family and a roof over our heads. Like my friends, I will try to make things better for myself and my family. May good fortune find you all this year.
Merry Christmas everyone. 

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