Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Building your world

Have you ever played with Legos as a kid? A lot of grown-ups still do. Don't worry, I won't tell... There are collectors who amass Legos by the tens of thousands. Crate loads and chests full of those brightly colored blocks. One could make the argument that possessing such a large assortment of interlocking blocks is a form of mental illness. Hoarding at the very least. I admit never starting my Lego army as a kid or adult. I went over my friends house and played with his.
Fast forward to today. There is a game called Minecraft, where you can build and create your own world using blocks of materials in the game. I call it Digital Legos. No money to invest (other than buying the game.), you can create anything your imagination desires and most of all, you don't maim yourself by stepping on some stray block.
You're only limited by your imagination. There are websites out there featuring some of the most amazing creations. Roman coliseums, haunted houses, Giant race cars... the list goes on.  Here, take a look.
You can of course play in single player or multi-player. I strongly suggest you try an online server, this is one of those games that improve with friends to share your adventures with.
Now public servers are interesting in some respect, but there are a lot of trolls who exist to bully and destroy. These people are compensating for their real world shortcomings. Yes, those bullies have small penises.
One of the best playing experiences is a private server. If you find a friend who runs a private game, then consider yourself lucky.
I've taken some pictures of our designs and I thought I'd put them up here. They're not big or intricately detailed, but what they are is built from scratch in survival mode. (Which means they didn't cheat to build their creations.) Enjoy.
Eat at Buck's

Best food in the game

Yes, it's a racetrack

Complete with stands

and stables

No, not a new Keanu Reeve movie

Note: the lava encased in glass

Prime real estate?

Good night John Boy

We welcome you to the lighting of the Minecraft Olympic flame

Master of his domain

Now, this is prime real estate

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