Sunday, December 22, 2013

A new twist on an old ditty

I wrote this about a year and a half ago before our 2012 gaming convention, Chimearacon. Don't ask what made me think of it, but I thought it could do with a re-post. Maybe it'll be worth a chuckle.

It's the night before the con, and all through the house,
No TV could be heard, we were all kinda doused.
The dog outside, and I on my laptop,was just settling in, for a last minute co-op.
The games were stored in the closet with care
in hope the ghost of Gygax would reappear.
Miniatures in cases, and books on the shelf,
I wondered where's that stupid little elf? 
Is the laundry all done? I asked my wife,
'Are you kidding?' she said. 'Not on your life.'
We get so rushed with last minute plans,
it's havoc when someone makes crazy demands.
But time will march, either fast or slow,
pretty soon it will be time to go.
As I get in my Dodge, I'll call out their names,
'On Jackson and Gygax, on Gandolf and Frodo, on Kirk and Spock, don't forget Mario andLuigi, you little dodo.
Daughters making signs and last minute plans,
'Will anyone dress up as the Doctor?' asks one of his fans.
As we scrubbed our pans and turned out the lights, I shouted, Good gaming for all, and to all a good fight. 

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