Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An interview with God... no, really.

It seems God has over a million fans on Facebook. Funny, I thought he had more than that. Anyhoo, Alden Tan scored an interview with God. Is that cool or what?
Commercial space flights launching from NASA's launch sites? About damn time.
A man surprised his wife by giving her a dream wedding on their 10 year anniversary. It's a geek thing, you may not understand.
With Christmas right around the corner, we are getting into the final stages of baking season. My pie did so well during Thanksgiving, I'm going to have to double up for the Christmas parties. Thank you, Alton Brown.
I'm focusing on the good stuff right now. With all the stress and hectic pre-holiday last minute preparations, we need to take the time to unwind and remember the highlights of the past year. Let the petty bullshit stuff get tossed in the corner and forgotten. Choose to recall  all the good things that happened. I'll bet there's more good memories than you think.

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